Recruitment Packet

References are not required to participate in recruitment at all schools, but they are preferred at many, and therefore an advantage to the participant. A reference packet, or recruitment packet, contains information about the Potential New Member (PNM) given to sorority alumnae, for the purposes of writing a reference/letter of support. Please have your packet prepared both electronically and as a hard copy.

We highly suggests as a minimum, a “Packet” consist of:
1 – Your social resume
2 – A copy of all of your transcripts, with SAT or ACT scores
3 – 3 Pictures – 4” X 6” – 1 Head Shot, 1 Full Length, 1 Half Length

Social Resume

Present your scholastic, extra-curricular activities, and honors in a clear and concise way.

List your sorority legacy information. Each sorority has its own definition of a “legacy.” It is generally defined as a daughter, sister or granddaughter of an initiated member. Some sororities recognize a stepdaughter or stepsister. Sororities try to extend every courtesy to legacies and make an effort to get to know them, but no sorority can guarantee invitations or membership. Legacies must meet the same qualification standards that non-legacies meet, but if you are a legacy to a sorority, you should list them on your resume.

A complete resume is your introduction to the Greek community. Be sure to tell your full story. Explanations are good. This is not a business resume.


A copy of your school issued transcript is all that you need for those groups requiring a transcript.

If your transcript does not include your SAT and/or ACT scores, then include copies of those as well.

Be sure to redact private information such as your social security number from documents.


Pictures are used so that girls will recognize you when you arrive at recruitment parties, not to judge you. Make sure that they represent you in your best light.

The photos do not need to be taken by a professional. It is best to not include anyone else, including a pet, in your picture.

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