START EARLY… because most sororities will talk about recruitment in May and August. Because girls are gone for the summer, consider getting on the radar early. Know your deadlines so you can have your materials sent on time.

STAY ORGANIZED… with your packets, Rec letters, and materials. Using the tracking sheet can help you make the process easier.

CONTACT REC WRITERS NOW… start the process by making sure you will have all the Recs you need. Remember our three-step process.

WRITE THANK YOU… cards to those helping you through the recruitment process.

STAY OPEN… keep an open mind throughout the summer. Avoid expressing your opinions about specific sororities. You never know who is listening! Also, don’t wear sorority shirts from now until your bid day.

CLEAN UP YOUR SOCIAL… because you want to make the best first impression possible! Make sure you have not embarrassing or inappropriate pictures, posts, or connections on your social media accounts. Avoid posting picture with you and other active sorority members. This would break silence rules.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS… your intentions to participate in recruitment. Before silence rules begin, let active sorority members know you are excited about recruitment in the fall. If they know your intentions, they can begin to advocate for you.

BE PREPARED FOR THE FINANCIAL… responsibility of sorority life. Member dues pay for sororities. Be sure to understand your financial responsibility before you agree to pledge a sorority. If your parents contribute to college financially, discuss the financials with them as well.

KNOW WHY… you want to join a sorority. Keep your priorities and interests clear.

PRACTICE SMALL TALK… throughout the summer. Recruitment parties are full of opportunities to engage in small talk. Read fun stories, find interesting topics, and practice the art of conversation.

HAVE FUN… the recruitment process can be stressful, but is also a lot of fun!

and REMEMBER – You must register with your College Panhellenic in order to go through Recruitment!

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